Some people say when you go to a chiropractor once you have to keep going.  This is untrue and you don’t have to go forever.  Chiropractors actually work to seek out the root cause of your condition so that you can prevent it in the future.  In addition to treatments, your chiropractic doctor will recommend lifestyle changes such as losing weight, posture suggestions like using an ergonomic chair at work and exercises to keep you out of pain for the long haul.  If our bad habits sneak back up on us, it can cause that pain and discomfort to return which can bring you back to your chiropractor’s office.  Most patients notice an improvement of some kind in 3-5 visits with maximum recovery in 6-8 visits on average* depending on your condition. *Although the Provincial average is 6-8 visits the range is large with some patients responding much quicker and a few taking much longer.